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NDT Services

• Radiography
• Ultrasonics
• Magnetic Particle
• Liquid Penetrant
• Vessel Inspections
• Visual/CWI/API
• Surface Roughness Inspection
• Coating Inspection
• Positive Material Identification
• MFL Tank Bottom Inspections
• Video Probe

Engineering Analysis

• Pressure Vessel
• Pressure Piping
• Storage Tank

Mechanical Testing

• Tensile Strength
• Hardness Testing
• Bend Testing
• Weld Procedure Testing
• Weld Qualification Testing
• Weld Consultation Services
• Sample Machining

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Sullivan & Associates is a corporation with headquarters in Ladson, South Carolina. We specialize in nondestructive testing and evaluations. Originally, Sullivan & Associates was the nondestructive testing division of a large and well-established boiler and marine-welding repair company. After its incorporation, Sullivan & Associates began to quickly make its presence known within both the industrial and commercial business communities as a rapidly growing firm, dedicated to excellence and customer service.

Today, we have some of the most highly trained inspectors and provide services for businesses and governments throughout the United States and around the globe! Our technicians have many years of experience in their specialized fields including ASME, API, AWS, AWWA, ANSI, ASTM, ABS, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, NBIC and various proprietary client certifications. We are continually training our technicians to ensure current certifications in all specialties.

What qualifications do Sullivan & Associates' technicians have? At Sullivan & Associates, we offer our clients technicians that have the qualifications geared to the clients needs. If more than one service is required to perform a multi-level inspection, we will provide as many technicians as needed to fulfill your specified requirements.

How often are your technicians tested/certified? Sullivan & Associates' technicians comply with all regulations set by the ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing). Certification results are available through our main office. Our technicians are recertified every three years in accordance with ASNT mandates. Because we perform many tests that other firms do not, we are continually studying new material to keep abreast of new techniques in the field. If a client has a specific question regarding our qualifications or certifications, they are encouraged to speak with one of our Level III Technicians.

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