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Sullivan & Associates
has been honored to volunteer our services to the Friends of the Hunley organization in their efforts to excavate the 1863 civil war submarine which was recovered off of the Charleston harbor August 8, 2000.

The vessel has fascinated millions of people from every walk of life and of every culture and nation. We are grateful for the opportunity that we have had to contribute to this unprecedented event, as well as the great friendships that we have gained through our service to this project.

In July and August 2000, Sullivan & Associates assisted Mr. Paul Mardikian, Archeologist and Chief Conservator for the Hunley Project, by providing our expertise, in conjunction with The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), to grant the Hunley Project license to conduct X-ray operations on the submarine, located in a specially designed holding tank at the Warren Lasch Conservatory in Charleston.

In October 2000, experiments were conducted on the effects of gamma radiation on human DNA strands. Sullivan & Associates, with our extensive capabilities and associated gamma ray producing equipment, was requested to expose human remains to high levels of gamma radiation. Dr. J.C. Upshaw Downs, Chief Medical Examiner and Department Director for the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, a leading authority on DNA, was called upon to provide the human remains and to evaluate the results of the experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to determine whether the use of gamma radiation on the submarine would cause damage to the DNA strands on any possible remains of the Hunley crewmembers. Fortunately, the test results revealed that the amount of radiation produced from x-rays on the submarine would not affect DNA samples of the crewmembers.

November 2000 was a very exciting time for Sullivan & Associates. Radiographic inspections began on the submarine to aid the archeologists and scientists in determining how the sub was constructed, and most importantly, how to gain access into the sub without destroying the precious contents within. The radiographs taken revealed remarkably advanced fabrication technology for the period the sub was constructed. One set of radiographs gave invaluable insight as to possible reasons why the submarine took on water and eventually sank. (At this time, Sullivan & Associates cannot disclose detailed information to the public) When the National Geographic Society sent a film crew to Charleston, days later, Sullivan & Associates was asked to reenact the radiographic operations as part of an upcoming documentary special. Sullivan & Associates performed ultrasonic inspections in December 2000, on the rivets that join the submarines shell plating. The information obtained was used to determine a plan to begin the removal process of one of the sub's exterior shell plates.

In the latter part of January 2001, Sullivan & Associates developed specialized techniques and equipment to place our gamma source through several rivet holes that were removed from the sub. The inspection results were astonishing. With access into the sub with the special equipment, x-rays revealed attachments and components that need to be addressed prior to removal of any shell plate. Sullivan & Associates is honored to participate in this project. We have donated many man-hours and associated test equipment to The Friends of the Hunley. Please visit their web site ( and become involved with "Completing the Journey".

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