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NDT Services

• Radiography
• Ultrasonics
• Magnetic Particle
• Liquid Penetrant
• Vessel Inspections
• Visual/CWI/API
• Surface Roughness Inspection
• Coating Inspection
• Positive Material Identification
• MFL Tank Bottom Inspections
• Video Probe

Engineering Analysis

• Pressure Vessel
• Pressure Piping
• Storage Tank

Mechanical Testing

• Tensile Strength
• Hardness Testing
• Bend Testing
• Weld Procedure Testing
• Weld Qualification Testing
• Weld Consultation Services
• Sample Machining

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Assessment of the design and effectiveness of the Process Safety Management system and to verify that the employer’s systems are effectively implemented.

Program Evaluations:
Perform a systematic evaluation of process design, process technology, operational and maintenance activities and procedures, nonroutine activities and procedures, emergency preparedness plans and procedures, training programs, and other elements which impact the process.

Development/Implementation of QA Program:
Assist employers in the development/implementation of a fully functional QA program that complies with guidelines and recommendations for Process Safety Management.

OSHA Audit Training:
Perform a mock OSHA Audit to verify that the employer’s systems are effectively implemented. This includes an evaluation of the design and effectiveness of the process safety management system and a field inspection of the safety and health conditions and practices. Train an employer's selected team to conduct audits and interact with OSHA agents.

Code Calculations & Certifications:

Although API provides simple calculations for required minimum thickness in tanks and vessels, they do not address other components that dictate the suitability and/or certification for service. Applicable codes and standards are utilized for design or re-rating of:
*Pressure vessels
*Aboveground storage tanks
*Heat exchangers
*Piping systems and relief devices

Repairs and Modifications:
Management of change covers changes in process technology, equipment and instrumentation. In the process safety management standard, change includes all repair and/or modifications to equipment. We can provide recommendations, design, certification, and management of repairs and modifications.

Design Verification:
Quality assurance is critical to ensure that the proper design, material of construction, and fabrication to applicable codes and standards are used. We provide a service to audit and verify design andfabrication of contractors.

Failure Analysis:
We provide failure analysis through various procedures and disciplines. Please contact us for more information.

Fabrication Control and Verification before shipment:
We provide on-site control of fabrication and verification to customer specifications of shop fabricated equipment.

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